Copperfield, Tamariz, Derren Brown, Teller (and more) on Chamber Magic®

May 31, 2018

Since I began performing Chamber Magic® in Manhattan 18 years ago, many of the world’s top magicians have visited me during their trips to New York. It is always an honor to look into the audience and see my personal heroes looking back!

Here are some quotes from names you’ll be sure to recognize: David Copperfield, Juan Tamariz, Derren Brown, Andy Nyman, Teller, Siegfried, Eugene Burger,  Jeff McBride, John Carney, Jeff Hobson, Richard Kaufman, Roberto Giobbi, Dick Cavett, Patrick Page, Bob Fitch, Derek DelGaudio, Jon Racherbaumer, Simon Aronson, David Ben, Levent, Daryl, David Regal, Milt Larsen, Dani DaOrtiz, Richard Wiseman, Michael Vincent, Ken Weber, Harry Lorayne, Pit Hartling, Lior Manor, and David Berglas.


“A masterful performance. You can’t write a show like this. It can only come from performing night after night, listening to the audience. I loved it.” – DAVID COPPERFIELD


“I loved your act at the Waldorf-Astoria – especially the elegant atmosphere and classical style of the performance, not to mention the very strong magic!” – JUAN TAMARIZ


“Aside from his success, it is Steve’s charm and elegance which separate him from all but a tiny elite of world-class magicians. However, Steve is the only magician from that elite and highly-select group to take his show to an elite and highly-select audience. It is a true one-off: an intimate caprice of parlour diversion by an enthralling and consummate master.” – DERREN BROWN


Chamber Magic contains some of the most elegant, skillful and truly baffling magic on the planet. Steve Cohen is an absolute master of his craft; he and the show are simply extraordinary.” – ANDY NYMAN


“Steve Cohen presents a handsomely balanced program of intimate magic in a legendary setting. It’s a pleasure to see an audience gasp in amazement over and over again.” – TELLER


“Without the need for large equipment and a whole team of assistants, Steve Cohen enraptures the audience for an hour and a half with nothing but his skill and personality. In the end, they feel like they have experienced a true magician.” – SIEGFRIED (and Roy)


“Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic is a thoroughly entertaining show of wonders and marvels that really elevates the Art of Magic.” – EUGENE BURGER


“Steve Cohen’s ability to weave a world of wonders from such simple yet elegant properties is a lesson to not only magicians, but all entertainers. I don’t know where he can take the show from here; it’s about as close to heaven as you can possibly get.” – JEFF McBRIDE


“This is the way magic was meant to be presented: for sophisticated adults, in an artistic atmosphere. Cohen presents his amazing and eclectic mysteries with great charm and aplomb. Chamber Magic is engaging, entertaining and great fun.” – JOHN CARNEY


“Steve Cohen gives the most perfect presentation of magic I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m in awe of him, and I’ve seen them all!” – JEFF HOBSON


“A truly tremendous show. Steve Cohen works intimately with the crowd and performs many remarkable things that left us speechless.” – RICHARD KAUFMAN


“Steve Cohen has all it takes to be an outstanding magician: hands, head and a smile, as the Master Ascanio once defined excellence in magic. I have personally witnessed Steve’s unique performance in the equally unique Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and predict that if you have an affinity for magic you will immensely enjoy yourself.” – ROBERTO GIOBBI


“Every art has a lot of crappiness. There are some people who can paint. Most people can’t. Some can sing. Most can’t. Millions want to be actors, and thousands are. A handful of them are great. Some are quite good. And it’s always that way. The cream goes to the top. Here is a man at the top of that pyramid… Steve Cohen.” – DICK CAVETT


“A perfect parlour magic show. I honestly cannot suggest anything that would improve it.” – PATRICK PAGE


“The marvelous success of Chamber Magic is a tribute to your hard work, curiosity, inventiveness and high style.  You’ve created a character, a legend, and are certainly proof that hard work and imagination can pay off.” – BOB FITCH


“A wonderful show. Thank you for keeping magic alive in New York City.” – DEREK DELGAUDIO


“Steve Cohen strategically converts the elemental aspects of mystery and manners in a very modern way. Combining the wonder-and-wizardry of technology with the aboriginal roots of magic, he makes everything happen in the intimate atmospherics of a salon. Be prepared for every kind of astonishment to spontaneously erupt!” – JON RACHERBAUMER


“Steve Cohen’s show combines the charm and elegance of Hofzinser’s exclusive parlor with the mystification and fun of 21st century cutting edge magic–all performed by a master and a gentleman. We enjoyed a thoroughly deceptive and delightful evening.” – SIMON ARONSON


“As a performer, there are many things I admire about Steve Cohen – his technical prowess, his timing and his boundless energy. As a producer, having engaged Steve and his Chamber Magic for Luminato, the international festival of creativity and the arts, there are things that I admire even more – his professionalism in performing and promoting the show, and the response of the public who kept coming back for more.” – DAVID BEN, Artistic Director, Magicana


“A flawless show, 10 out of 10. Steve Cohen is a fabulous entertainer and the modern day Max Malini.” – LEVENT CIMKENTLI


Chamber Magic is a genuine magical experience. Pure and simple, it’s an entertaining evening of beautifully performed, mind boggling mysteries that I’ll never forget! Bravo.” – DARYL


“Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic is an elegant delight.” – DAVID REGAL


“A modern day Max Malini.” – MILT LARSEN


“Fantastic work!” – DANI DAORTIZ


“Really really impressive. If you enjoy strong magic in an intimate setting, Steve Cohen’s show is simply a must.” – RICHARD WISEMAN


“Let me begin by saying, I love Steve Cohen, I love him as a person and also as a magical artist of the highest calibre. When these two elements are combined, you have an experience that captures the true essence of magic and a magical performance. I have seen Steve’s show Chamber Magic three times, twice in London and most recently at its home in New York City. This show is an enchanting magical experience. What makes it work is Steve’s grace, charm, humility and technical mastery of his craft. This is a rare commodity in today’s magical climate. I am happy for Steve and the success of his show; he has elevated the class and dignity of magic in the tradition of Hofzinser and Robert-Houdin.” – MICHAEL VINCENT


“One of our stars, raising the level of our art.” – KEN WEBER


“Steve Cohen is one of the best magicians I know. Fooled the h*ll out of me!” – HARRY LORAYNE


“The choice of material, the structure, the performance itself – the whole show carries a great message for magic.” – PIT HARTLING


“For the uninitiated layman everything Steve Cohen presents in Chamber Magic must seem totally impossible and could easily convert anyone to believe in the paranormal. Few other entertainers are able to create the kind of intimate and mysterious atmosphere that this evening offers!” – DAVID BERGLAS


“One of the best mind reading shows you will ever see.” – LIOR MANOR


“Typically you see magic either one-on-one (“close-up” or miniature magic) or far away, on a stage, where the magician works with big gadgets, armies of secret assistants, blinding lights, and smoke generators. Steve Cohen performs at an engaging, human scale, for perhaps seventy-five guests, in the parlor of a suite at the Waldorf. He works in the style of a soiree at the home of some Vanderbilt or Rittenhouse, where you might expect an evening of light opera but have lucked into an expert magician. This is an immensely satisfying way to experience classic conjuring. It’s a group experience, so laughter and applause come naturally, but you’re close enough to reach out and touch it. So you know what you’re seeing is the result not of stage machinery but of art.” – TELLER (in the New York Times)


“One of the best performances on the Letterman show EVER. Steve, you did a fine piece of (difficult!) magic for one of the most challenging people on earth and you came out BLAZING!…BRAVO!” – JEFF McBRIDE