Dear Friends,

Steve Cohen here! In anticipation of Chamber Magic’s 20th anniversary, I’d like to wish you all a heartfelt “thank you.” Hundreds of thousands of guests have attended the show, and some of you have shared fascinating stories with me about personal experiences related to your visit to Chamber Magic. Some involve marriage proposals, or first dates leading to marriage, or funny coincidences, or discovering something strange before or after the show. Some stories are serious, others humorous or ironic, but all include a personal magic moment or experience that is worth remembering.

In honor of this auspicious occasion, I would like to invite you to share your own story in the form below. Several of the most memorable stories will be selected for inclusion in a 20th anniversary video. Winners will be invited to tell their story on camera, and will receive free tickets to a future performance of Chamber Magic!

My aim is to share the fun and inspiration of the magic in life, both on and off the stage. I look forward to hearing your story!